The Game Calls Drake The “Michael Jackson of Hip-Hop”

The Game Calls Drake The “Michael Jackson of Hip-Hop”

The Game gives Drake the utmost praise. Real recognize real. It is simply facts. It was on full display during The Game’s latest interview. Lately, the West Coast rapper has been in headlines following speculation of a potential Verzuz Battle between him and 50 Cent. While his manager Wack 100 has been the master behind the scenes, both fan bases are eager to know the outcome of Wack’s background work.

The Game recently chopped it up with LA Leakers, where he spoke on many topics including Verzuz and Drake. First, the “How We Do” rapper compared his No. 1 albums list to Drizzy’s.

“It’s only one artist alive that has more No. 1 hip-hop albums than me, and that’s Drake, bro,” The Game said, “and we can run it. That is Googleable. You can ask your favorite Hip-Hop critic. You can go check SoundScanner. Do what you gotta do, bro. I got 10 No. 1 albums. I think Drake has 10 or his last effort was 11. But, I mean, that’s Drake.”

The Game then goes on to compliment the legendary career and legacy that the 6 God has carved for himself.

“Drake is amazing. He’s like, Michael Jackson of Hip-Hop, said The Game. Like there’s no writer, there’s no artist like Drake. He different bro. He different. Everything that Drake does is amazing. He gets on an unsigned artist’s record, the unsigned artist is a major artist.”

Both rappers have collaborated multiple times in the past. It is great to see The Game giving his flowers to the “God’s Plan” rapper. At this point in Drake’s career, he is only adding

According to those “Googleable” stats, The Game has released three albums to atop the Billboard 200 album charts and 8 to atop the Hip-Hop & R&B charts as well. It is not quite 11, but he is 3 short. On the other hand, Drake has released 9 projects atop the chart. It is soon to be 10 pending the release of Certified Lover Boy.

Peep the full interview below. At the 1:10 mark, The Game speaks on Drizzy’s greatness.

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