Southside Says He Saved Lil Uzi From Getting Robbed by Offset

Southside Says He Saved Lil Uzi From Getting Robbed by Offset

After implanting a 10-carat pink diamond onto his forehead, Lil Uzi Vert inadvertently put a target on his head. Now record producer Southside claims he prevented the 26-year-old rapper from being robbed by a Migos rhymer.

On Thursday (April 1), following a tension-filled Instagram Live between Yung Miami and Lil Uzi, in which the two rappers addressed the strained relationship they’ve acquired since JT and Uzi began dating publicly, Southside, who shares a child with the City Girls rapper, stepped in to defend Yung Miami’s honor. Amid Southside’s heated statements, he revealed he prevented Offset and others from robbing Uzi.

“I’m the same nigga that saved you from getting robbed from Offset and them, nigga don’t forget that,” he disclosed. “I’m the same nigga. I was the only nigga that had blicks on me nigga. I’m the same nigga that kept you from getting your jewelry took.”

The 808 Mafia member didn’t give any timeframe as to when the alleged attempted robbery occurred or if the other Migos members were involved in the alleged hiest.

Elsewhere in the video, which is no longer available on Southside’s social media account, the 32-year-old rapper-producer encouraged Uzi to avoid any potential issues between the two women rappers saying, ” If you don’t like my bitch, don’t like my bitch let them do them. I don’t get in they shit, we don’t get in they problems. Stay the little weirdo you is nigga. Keep rocking purses, keep doing that bitch shit you doing. I ain’t with none of that playin’, bro. None of that, none of that playing.”

South’s comments come after Uzi and Caresha, aka Yung Miami, got into a seemingly heated conversation on Instagram live. In the clips shared to IG, Uzi can be heard saying, “Caresha, it ain’t even about that ’cause you know I ain’t ever gotta see you like you don’t ever gotta see me” after the “Pussy Talk” rapper insists she’s okay with them not being friends. While JT’s face doesn’t appear in the live, the rapper attempts to coax Uzi off the phone. The live then comes to a close after the “Chrome Heart Tags” rhymer informs JT that she isn’t getting on the IG Live chat.

In an Instagram Live that took place last month, Miami and JT first alluded to issues between the 2016 XXL Freshman and Yung Miami. “Ever since Uzi cussed me out I don’t play with him,” she started. “Uzi cleared me bitch. He said, ‘Bitch I don’t know you.’ And I said ‘OK.'” JT admitted to being middle of their issues, then told Miami, “Ima take your side. But Ima tell you wrong and Ima beg you to apologize to him later.” That portion about Uzi starts at the 12:00 minute mark.

Southside isn’t the only person to take offense to Uzi’s tone when speaking to Yung Miami. Twitter users who tuned into the chat expressed their concerns writing statements like ” Lol don’t talk to Caresha like dat,” to which Uzi replied. “That’s my gf bestie I was playin with her that’s my family.” JT also confirmed the Uzi was joking in a tweet she drafted. ‘All y’all want is a show! NOBODY ain’t gone do shit to nobody! He was joking fuck who don’t believe it y’all chop lives up, do the ost for a post I’m glad y’all got entertainment. It’s possible Uzi and Yung Miami were playing a fun April Fools day prank on their followers, which got taken too seriously.

JT continued to weigh in on the social media circus surrounding the events with a tweet that read, “Y’all just like him extra as fuck, please go head.” A fan replied to her tweet writing “Naaa it’s just you needa control him you was a lil to calm to it.” In a final reply, before wrapping up this conversation, the 28-year-old Miami native added, “I wasn’t about to give y’all a show he already was doing it I put him in his place politely but you know if y’all don’t have a story y’all make one.”

A similar interaction took place between JT and another set of fans who questioned why she didn’t do more to gain control over the talk between her two loved ones.

Since Twitter erupted into a fire pit of City Girls fan questioning JT’s character and loyalty to her group member, JT has opted to close down her Twitter account until further notice.

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