Smoke Denero


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Name: Smoke Denero

City : Macon Ga

Sound: Passionate trap motivation vibe

Influences: Motown, Starlito, Tupac, Young Jeezy


Calvin Elijah Jones Jr. better known by his stage name Smoke Denero, is an American Artist from Macon, Ga currently signed with Keep It Moving Records. Smoke got his start in music at a young age writing his first song in the fourth grade which according to him his father still has until this day. By connecting with local producers mainly within his neighborhood Smoke was able to use there in home studios to work on his craft and even more enhance his love for creating music day by day. Smoke recently released his debut EP 93 in June of 2020 featuring various producers such as Y$avage and Tokyoszn just to name a few and is currently working on his second project scheduled to release at the beginning of 2021.

Life coming up for Smoke was a challenge living in a one parent home only him and his father who took on the responsibilities of raising him at just 2 years old.While working a full time job sometimes morning to night didn’t leave  much room for his father to spend time with him which left a void and ultimately led Smoke to be influenced and impacted by his environment and those who consisted of it. He was drawn into the life of a hustler very young watching those older around him able to provide and obtain material things in ways his father was not and he wanted better. Through alot of his trials and tribulations Smoke always promised himself that he would never settle for failure and nothing short of his best. Even now he remembers the words his father once spoke to him while riding through their old neighborhood filled with drug dealers and drug abusers, “ Son eIther you’re gonna make something happen or 20 years from now youll be on that same corner talking about what you could have an should have  done” an those words stuck with Smoke from that day forward  igniting a flame of passion and purpose in him that still burns an motivates him even now.

Smokes music can be described as a mix between trap, hustle, motivation and soul which derives from his time spent in the streets of Macon and the influence of his fathers favorites like The temptations, Marvin gaye, Anita Baker, and so many other greats that he was introduced too. Some of Smokes more recent influences are artist like Starlito, Tupac, Spodee,Kevin Gates and dDon Trip who’s music not only talks about the ins and outs and struggles of the streets but also motivates their listeners to better themselves and talk about real life situations that are relatable and inspiring.