RV Explosion in Nashville Damages Buildings

RV Explosion in Nashville Damages Buildings

As if the country wasn’t already in a low vibrational mood dealing with a pandemic during the holidays, things have actually gotten worse. And this time, it’s unclear if it’s domestic or foreign terrorism. 

Hours after a recreational vehicle exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning, law enforcement officials surveyed a devastated landscape including more than 40 damaged businesses, three people hospitalized with injuries, and disruptions to Internet and cell service. Law enforcement is still without a suspect or motive for the blast. 

Authorities grounded planes and the mayor imposed a nighttime curfew on the busy historical district near the blast site.

On a holiday many hoped would finally bring a sense of calm in a chaotic year, the early-morning explosion dealt a terrifying blow. Crippling the confidence we were all seeming to gain. 

“This is not how anybody wanted to spend Christmas morning,” Nashville Mayor John Cooper said at a news conference. “We are very lucky that there were not more injuries.”

Info is still coming out on the cause, motive, and damage done. Residents of destroyed apartments are now searching for animals and pets amongst the rubble from the blast. We will keep you all updated as more info is made available. 

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