McDonald’s Employee Freestyles for DaBaby in a Drive-Through

McDonald’s Employee Freestyles for DaBaby in a Drive-Through

If given the opportunity to make your dreams come true, are you taking it? One McDonald’s employee did just that when he was given a chance to freestyle for DaBaby.

On Sunday (Dec. 13), DaBaby shared the encounter on his Instagram Story where a McDonald’s employee freestyled for him while he waited in the drive-through. In the minute-long clip, the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment CEO gives the aspiring rhymer his opportunity to shine.

“I walk in the spot and they like holy moly / There go that boy and that nigga he doly / Nobody tryin’ ‘cause everyone know me,” the rapper named Mouf begins. “Crippin’ like Nipsey but shooting like Kobe / Passed it again like that nigga Ginóbili,” he continues.

DaBaby was kind enough to tag the rapper on Instagram. The man’s handle is @Therealmouf and he has more than 30,000 Instagram followers, with the account still growing by the second.

It’s unclear if DaBaby plans on signing Mouf to his Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment record label, but the look the 2019 XXL Freshman just gave the up-and-coming rapper is sure to pique some interest. Mouf did post the same clip on his social media, suggesting he’ll be back with an update of some sort. “Ayoooo shouts out to @dababy !! The way this unfolded was LEGENDARY, I’ll be in touch,” he wrote on his IG Story.

DaBaby has also not confirmed if he has any future plans with the rapper, but regardless this look means Mouf’s price is likely going up in 2021.

therealmouf via Instagram

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