Hustle Zombie


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A true 90’s Baby, Tony Davis a.k.a Hustle Zombie was born on June 3rd in Macon, Georgia (The 478). During Hustle Zombie’ s childhood he went to school throughout  the city of Macon. Hustle Zombie made the best of his living situations by getting aquatinted with lots of people from his hometown. He also  attended one year of high school in Atlanta, Georgia. Zombie perfected his ability to network by attending all the parties and events in the city. His knack for meeting people made him popular around town and with a supportive mom to keep him grounded, he became a true street Hustler.
     Hustle Zombie came from the streets and makes music for all the hustlers to relate too! With his ability to tell stories through his lyrics he’s bound to keep the crowd entertained.
     Zombie has been through a lot and music is his way of expressing himself. Growing up in the streets of Macon Georgia taught Zombie the hustle. After being shot in the back the day before his daughter was born Zombie knew he had to make a better life for himself. He took life’s experiences  ”good and bad” and turned them into great music. He’s an independent artist incorporated with Keep It Moving Entertainment and the owner of Hustle Zombie LLC.
     You can Follow Hustle Zombie on Instagram @Hustle_Zombie. Get updates about new music and interviews on The Keep It Moving Records YouTube Channel.
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