Gilbert Arenas Attempts to Encourage Nate Robinson

Gilbert Arenas Attempts to Encourage Nate Robinson

Gilbert Arenas was like many of us over Thanksgiving weekend, watching Nate Robinson catch a strong right hook from Jake Paul that put him on the mat in a boxing match.

Agent Zero hit Instagram to provide some words of encouragement and suggest that he continue to try his hand at boxing.

@naterobinson u went out there, u got knocked out and became and insist meme NOW get back in the lab, that ass whooping was no different then the first time u had to guard @theofficialai3 @starburymarbury @iambarondavis #ME we beat that ass and that didn’t stop u from putting on that jersey  a great ass whooping by someone is what makes a champion 🗣 lick ur wounds, watch what u did wrong, watch what u did right,adjust,study becuz it’s never where u start it’s where u finish  u said u we’re doing this for all the hoopers then u should know a real hooper bounce back game is litty”

Sounds like good advice right? Sure. Unless you are Nick Young who had a savage clap back.

“Gil after Bron tap you chest and made you miss them 2 free throws we been waiting for you to bounce back lol,” Swaggy P wrote.

Sadly, we still waiting. You can see the exchanges below.

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