FOX Airs Campaign Debunking Conspiracy Theories They Supported

FOX Airs Campaign Debunking Conspiracy Theories They Supported

The voting technology company Smartmatic recently sent Fox News a very serious legal threat that accused the network of participating in a “disinformation campaign.” As a result, the network started airing a news package debunking claims its hosts and guests have propagated.

The package aired for the first time Friday night on Lou Dobbs’ show. Network reports state that the same package would air Saturday night on Jeanine Pirro’s program as well as Sunday morning on Maria Bartiromo’s show. 

What’s most interesting is that all three hosts, who use their platforms to air pro-Trump propaganda, are close with the President. The groundbreaking news package featured an interview with voting technology expert Eddie Perez, who debunked a series of conspiracy theories that have been amplified and promoted on the shows of Dobbs, Pirro, and Bartiromo.

The mess created by the three on-air anchors has trickled into society’s day to day life. Causing arguments amongst opposing races and oftentimes physical violence. As Trump has continued to attack the integrity of the voting system, some of his allies have homed in on Smartmatic because of the services it provided Los Angeles County for the 2020 election.

Perez expressed gratitude for being allowed to give all the facts to the Fox audience in an unfiltered way.

“I felt it was important to talk to Fox News,” Perez said in a statement, “if anything potentially more important to be speaking the facts to their audience because there are a lot of consumers of Fox News that have doubts about the election.”

Hopefully, the right information will be the only thing aired as opposed to conspiracy theories that ultimately divide and not unified us collectively. 

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