Dr. Dre Agrees to Pay $2 Million in Temporary Spousal Support to Wife

Dr. Dre Agrees to Pay $2 Million in Temporary Spousal Support to Wife

Following his recent hospitalization from a brain aneurysm, Dr. Dre has agreed to pay his estranged wife, Nicole Young, $2 million in spousal support.

According to TMZ, Dre has agreed to cut Nicole a one-time, $2 million check. But there is one condition: Nicole must pay the $5 million in legal fees that she had originally asked Dre to pay. TMZ also stated that this is the one check Nicole will get until their next court date in April.

This amount is just a fraction of the $2 million a month Nicole requested in temporary spousal support. Dre has reportedly been giving Nicole almost $300,000 a month and will continue to cover her expenses at their Malibu home. He has also agreed to keep paying for her mother’s home in Palisades. However, Nicole will have to pay her own security costs.

Dre’s attorneys struck the deal in court while Dre signed off on them while in the hospital for a brain aneurysm on Monday, Jan. 4.

Dre and Nicole’s divorce has been going on for about 6 months now, and it has not been pretty. Nicole cited that she filed for divorce because of irreconcilable differences and that Dre had been abusive in their marriage. There were disputes about whether the two had a prenuptial agreement, Nicole was put under investigation for reportedly embezzling almost $400,000, and news of Dr. Dre’s alleged mistress came to light as well. Now that Nicole has agreed to the $2 million, Dre can focus on his recovery.

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