Denzel Curry Calls Travis Scott’s Attitude “Funky”

Denzel Curry Calls Travis Scott’s Attitude “Funky”

Don’t expect a collab between Denzel Curry and Travis Scott any time soon.

On Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 3), one fan asked Curry if he’d ever collaborate with La Flame, who is also a former XXL Freshman. Curry’s response made it clear he doesn’t exactly love Travis Scott’s energy.

“His attitude funky,” Curry wrote in a quote tweet response to the fan. Scott has yet to respond to the tweet.

In another interesting tweet, Curry, who just this past spring told XXL that he planned to drop 3 more albums, responded to a fan who said that Curry was supposed to be on a track from Scott’s 2018 album, Astroworld. According to him, that wasn’t the case.

“Not true the producer just sent the same beat not knowing who was going use it coincidentally we both had it,” Curry wrote in the tweet.

The song the fan is referring to is probably “Houstonfornication,” a track that has a beat that Curry can be heard spitting on in an unofficially released snippet. A couple of fans mentioned the snippet after seeing Curry’s conversation unfold on Twitter.

Considering that Curry’s Ta13oo album came out in 2018 just like Scott’s, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see that they were experimenting with the same beats as they were prepping their albums. Scott himself has never spoken on the snippet.

In any case, it looks like fans wondering whether Curry was ever supposed to be on Scott’s 2018 epic no longer have to do so.

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