DaBaby Arrested for Gun Possession in LA

DaBaby Arrested for Gun Possession in LA

While spending the day in Beverly Hills today (Jan. 7), DaBaby was captured on video interacting with the police. It didn’t seem to be a pleasant one.

Although it was unclear why the stopped occurred initially, the video shows the Grammy-nominated rapper handcuffed and detained by authorities. According to TMZ, DaBaby was leaving the Moncler store on Rodeo Dr. before officers surrounded his car. It was reported that someone from the store tipped authorities of his weapon possession. Although he was not alone, DaBaby was the only one arrested.

This is one of the first run-ins with the law in quite some time for the Charlotte rapper. In the past, he faced legal issues for incidents involving a promoter, punching a concert-goer without knowledge of who they were, and an incident with a hotel employee.

Prior to the arrest, DaBaby was posting riding around Los Angeles and posted taking COVID-19 test from his car on his IG story. He recently linked with Lil Wayne and Diddy in Miami days prior before heading to Los Angeles, CA. We’ll continue to provide updates as the story develops.

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