Bow Wow Fails with Overcrowded Boat IG Post

Bow Wow Fails with Overcrowded Boat IG Post

Bow Wow has done it again. Just under four years after an infamous IG post led to the rapper’s widespread ridicule on social media, Bow Wow is back in the news for his less-than-luxurious lifestyle. This time the hip-hop artist is being mocked for showing about a dozen people on a very small boat (and posting it on Instagram).

On January 6, Bow Wow, who goes by the name @ShadMoss on Instagram, posted the following caption: “How can i not smile everyday! 🛥 #guhhatl returns tomorrow! 9/8c #wetv@youknowbt are you Harlem shaking ?”

However, what got users’ attention was the fact that the artist was on what appeared to be a very small boat with approximately 15 other people- most of them bikini-clad women. Everyone appeared to be tightly packed together and extremely uncomfortable.

The mockery appeared to have gotten to the rapper as he posted a short video clip to Twitter the next day with him on the bow of a much larger boat with his lady companions behind him- and with more space, along with the caption “I thought i was Will Smith for a second.”

In 2017, the hip-hop artist became the subject of social media ridicule for his posturing when he uploaded a photo of a private jet and several luxury automobiles- implying that he was en route to New York- baller-style. Unfortunately for Bow Wow, a fellow passenger on his commercial flight snapped a picture of the rapper and shared it online, quickly disproving the artist’s story of the private jet. This led to the #BowWowChallenge in which people posted pictures making their lives look more glamorous than they were.

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